Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Breeze up, a good hard thrash, and the first use of my secret weapon

As is typical for me at an event, I awoke at 7 and went to check emails. Ended up having a long chat with Top-level coach and devastatingly fast Master sailor Brett Beyer from Australia. I was so engrossed I lost track of time and didn't get back to the truck until the first of the Gold Fleet sailors were hitting the water! Wolfed down breakfast (no easy task--it's a lot of food), then quickly rigged and headed out.

Managed to get to the start area just as Gold Fleet was going into sequence. I "started" 4 minutes before them off the right side of the line and sailed the whole beat. Was happy to be 2 min 30 sec ahead of the lead boats, especially since I was still a bit unsettled and even stopped briefly on the way up. Watched their reaching leg (man they're fast), then headed back to the start line for Bronze Fleet's start. This time I started 4 minutes ahead but at the port end of the line and generally worked that side of the beat, ending up almost exactly 4 minutes ahead. The wind was rather streaky but pretty easy to see on the water, at least where I was without any traffic! This time I sailed the reach and run as well (so far ahead of the fleet they weren't affected) before doing a few mark roundings and calling it a day.

Upon arriving at the dock, was pleased to see the new mast stayed nice and straight after a day of hard work, even a capsize. I did a little boat work, then a quick shower and some errands before spending an hour with my secret weapon for this event (which shall remain a secret for now!).

Tomorrow I'll try to take pics of some sailors as they rig up their boats. It's like the United Nations here, over 50 countries represented! :)

As promised, a few snaps. Laser sailors at the World level are pretty darn fit!
I'd hate to be to leeward of this guy
upwind in a big breeze--look at those legs!
Nah, he doesn't work out. ;)
Happy for a friend's good
finishes on the last day.


  1. enjoying the updates. have fun and good luck at the masters next week.

  2. Secret weapon? Something to do with massage, perhaps?