Saturday, July 11, 2015

One Day to Go!

Went out yesterday for a few hours with top US sailors Scott Ferguson, Dan Neri and Lynne Shore, plus Dominicans Ari Barshi and Jorge Abreau for some speed tuning and general course exploration. Overall I was pleased with upwind speed/point, and downwind was moving very well.

The groove upwind is very, very narrow, and hitting one wave wrong results in instant penalty against such fast, smart sailors. The wind is quite inconsistent around the course, with streaks of wind hitting some competitors and not others--if we race in similar conditions, it'll be nerve-wracking out there!

I'm now fully settled into my regatta routine. Breakfast consists of half a container of grain cereal, half a container of almond or coconut milk, berries, a banana, a handful of walnuts, an apple, and a few supplements (multi, glucosamine, lysine, calcium, and a few Vitamin I (ibuprofen). It's a lot to choke down first thing in the morning!

The practice race will be at 2 today. No-doubt everybody will be over early, trying to get out in front and (hopefully) stay there. It will be interesting to see how aggressive the fleet will be around the course and how my speed looks in racing conditions!

This old guy can still hike! :)
Just got back from the practice race. Wind was maybe 10-12 knots out of the southeast. Had a good start and led around around the first 3 marks of the course, amassing a 20 second lead over the second boat before retiring (it's bad luck to win the practice race). Good for the fleet to see my transom before the big event... ;)

Nice lead on the first reach of the practice race (194582)

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