Sunday, July 5, 2015

2015 Laser Master Worlds - Kingston Ontario Canada - settling in

It's been quite a while since I last posted on this blog, but this is the perfect way to stay in touch during this event. It also forces me to put down my thoughts/impressions of the racing, which is always a good thing.

Big Red and a full trailer
Arrived in Canada very late last night towing 5 boats. "Big Red" (my trusty F250) acted up a little but got us to Kingston, where I promptly got lost and overshot the club by a few kilometers. Turned around then stopped at a Tim Hortons (donut/coffee shop) and was directed to the sailing center by a very tall, rather burly but helpful transexual cab driver with blond pigtails--Welcome to Kingston! :)

It's exciting being in Kingston again. Last time was back in 1998, hard to believe some competitors at the Laser Standard World Championship (which is going on now) were born right around that time. The boat park this morning was full of fit, serious-looking lads keen to make their marks on the last day of qualifying for Gold Fleet.

Saw a number old sailing acquaintances on the entry list and managed to catch up with a few of them before heading out with the competitors in the morning for some pre-race speed tuning. The SE breeze was rather light and the water was all chopped up, making for very challenging upwind sailing. The waves were at an angle to the swell, making downwind work interesting too. I came in after watching most of the first race in the dying breeze.

A funny aside: upon pulling my boat up the ramp I was rather annoyed at the lack of hoses to wash the boat off with. Found one, did a thorough rinse then realized: Lake Ontario is fresh water, so no need to rinse. DOH!

Tomorrow will be busy, as I try to find a replacement mast and hopefully my new sail will also arrive. Usually I don't like changing major equipment before an important event, but last week my mast broke at the Laser New England Masters Championship so I've no choice. We'll see how these two key pieces of gear play together over the next few days.

OK, off to do some shopping. Hope all are enjoying a nice holiday weekend!

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