Monday, August 24, 2009

Starting Marc's sailing blog

Here are old posts from Facebook:

Arrived in Halifax after a two-day journey from CT. I just *love* Canada! People are very friendly and welcoming here. Hurricane Bill blew through this morning/afternoon. I parked the RV in a Walmart parking lot and took a nap while Blowhard Bill gave it his all. No problems with the RV, no water leaks--all good! Tomorrow will return to the YC and see if there was any damage. If not, will head out for a sail!

There may be some drama before the event even starts, as Hurricane Bill may accompany me on the drive to Halifax. Bill is scheduled to hit Halifax around the same time as I am (Sunday), with early forecasts calling for winds in excess of 70 knots! Here's hoping these early forecasts are wrong, and that Bill decides to not take too close a look at the Nova Scotia shoreline... :)

Tonight I leave for the Laser Master World Championship, which will be sailed on St. Margaret's Bay in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Around 400 master sailors (35 yrs old and up) will be competing in four divisions, each representing a ten-year age band.... I will sail in the 120+ boat "Master" division for 45-54 year olds. I plan to use blogspot as my "blog" of the event, so stay tuned for updates!

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  1. Nice Blog, Marc...Sorry your are freezing your buns off..Would you like me to send (Fedex) underwear or a wetsuit?? I have berglenes you might want to borrow... .The cold is far from the case here where the weather is still quite warm and muggy... Best of luck in the regatta.. I satellite-checked out where you are, remembering that years ago I ventured up to Halifax to see Peggy's Cove, which was a lovely cove down the pennisula from Tantalion.. The rest of the west coast of Nova Scotia was uninspiring, and didn't have more than a ribbon of state hwy to travel, rather than an expressway.. I don't know what the case is now...But I do remember having underestimated times and distances and not being able to venture up to Cape Breton, which I hear is a sort of highlight of the Province