Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally, a good day

Great day, actually. The wind slowly built up to a very pleasant 15 or so. I sailed out and watched two of the Gold fleet races. Between heats I chatted a bit with the racers, then started ahead of the fleet by 4 minutes and sailed the first beat. GBR sailor Paul Goodison led the fleet to the top mark, rounding it 4 minutes 5 seconds behind me... :) Not that I'm flattering myself much: at that point the wind was maybe 10 knots, and downwind I'm sure these guys would have blown right past!

I ran out of water so came home before the wind really piped up. It was a nice quick reach back to the club. Saw some masters out practicing but didn't join them today--maybe tomorrow.

It's inspiring seeing all the fit sailors in the boatpark. Makes one want to hit the gym really hard!

My back's been achy all day--will do some stretches in a few.

One bummer: while parking the truck this morning I backed into a 29er mast that was hanging out about 4 feet from the back of a trailer. It didn't have a flag on it or anything and I snapped the carbon fiber spar near the hounds. Expensive morning...

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