Friday, August 28, 2009

Another pretty day!

Sun shining, temperature a bit lower than yesterday.

Went to the physio guy again this morning. Am still pretty stiff, but he's quite happy with the progress we've made on my back and is encouraging me to sail the event, but NOT today. I've been given a set of stretches I'm to do at least 4 times today, a light gym routine, and orders to find someplace hot (sauna/jacuzzi/etc...) to warm up the muscles and promote healing.

I think the damage was caused by the drive up. Instead of doing my usual stretches at every gas stop/rest break, I just walked around a bit then hopped right back into the truck. Over the nearly 900 mile trip, all the tensing of the back muscles in reaction to road bumps caused them to lock up tight. That, combined with a quick, hard sail the other day, caused me to be in the current state.

So, will spend the day tending to the bod and boat, and get out for a short sail tomorrow. Sunday (the start of the regatta) we're supposed to get some nasty weather--we'll see!


  1. I can believe that the long drive did the damage. I had a pain in my back a few years ago that used to get worse every time I drove any distance but got better when I went Laser sailing!

    Good luck at the Worlds!

  2. Thanks Tillerman, good luck to you too! :)

  3. Got chilly and wet here today.. Do your stretches and some yoga...When my back goes out, I get someone to back bend me, i.e. stand with a comparably tall person butt to butt, Have this person raise his arms, as do you, and then have him grab you by the wrists as he bends forward, almost lifting you and hyperextending your back but not lifting your entire body weight.. FOr certain problems, not all, it tends to break the spasm and open the foramina that are pinching the other words it breaks the cycle of pain.. Also, you need an anti-inflammatory, non steroidal. I like 'meloxicam' which works wonders and doesnt bug my stomach and is non narcotic.. Best of luck..