Sunday, August 5, 2018

2018 RS Aero World Championship, Weymouth UK - D-minus 1

Just a quick note before bed.

Clinic with Sam Whaley
Warm, light air today. Did a bit of boat work, helped out running an on-shore clinic with 2-Time UK Aero 7 Champ Sam Whaley, then popped out for a quick two-hour sail in rapidly decreasing wind. Not much learned, except how vitally important hydration will be tomorrow in what is supposed to be even lighter air.

After getting back, the official opening ceremonies for the RS Games began, with a parade of nations, then speeches by RS bigwigs and locals involved in the planning and execution of this massive event, which will take place over 3 weeks with over 850 boats and literally thousands of competitors and bystanders. It's quite impressive to see!

Conditions for the regatta are meant to be quite light on Monday, then freshening throughout the week. Wouldn't be surprised if we only get a race or two in on Monday, then they'll try to make it up later. It'll be important to avoid major mistakes early, and get plenty of rest early as well for the grind to come.

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